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Tory Burch's Trial Judge Calls Her Case A 'Drunken WASP Fest'


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Tory Burch's trial judge has spoken to Women's Wear Daily, calling the case a "drunken WASP fest."

WASP stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, and is basically a synonym for East Coast yuppies.

The judge, Leo Strine of Delaware Chancery Court, said he's excited for the case.

"We’ll be all geared up and in the mood for this sort of drunken WASP fest," he said. He dismissed WWD's Alexandra Steigrad when she pointed out that Tory Burch is actually Jewish.

The dispute is over Tory's ex-husband Christopher trying to sell his stake in Tory's $2 billion fashion brand (which he helped to start) and her saying that his company, C. Wonder, copied hers.

Strine seems to question the talent of both Burches, who were wealthy long before Tory Burch sold out of Reva ballet flats.

"Honestly, there are hundreds of people in New Castle County who could make a bunch of clothes if you gave them the catalogues," Strine said.

The spat between the Burches has been going on for years. The couple divorced in 2006, just as Tory's brand was emerging.

In the latest move, Tory filed a counter-suit yesterday. In it, she claimed that Christopher's woes were "his own fault."

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