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These Manhattan Buildings Are Still Uninhabitable After Hurricane Sandy


hurricane sandy financial district

While SoPo is largely no more, some Manhattanites are still without power and homeless.

A number of residential buildings in the Financial District and on the East Side are still unlivable because their electrical and heating systems were badly damaged in Hurricane Sandy's storm surges, according to The New York Times.

Some buildings are telling residents it may be anywhere from two weeks to 90 days before they can return. Rumor has it some buildings are even letting residents break their leases.

Here's the status of buildings we know about:

  • 125 Maiden Lane: It may be months before it reopens, a disaster recovery official told The New York Times. The office building needs need new transformers, boilers and other equipment. 

  • 200 Water Street: The building's management is currently telling residents it may be another two weeks before it opens, and advises residents to find temporary housing. 

  • 2 Gold Street: This building has contaminated fuel in the basement, therefore leaving it unlivable. The doorman and residents have been told it may be more than a month before they can return. The city still has a vacate order on the building, but residents are allowed to enter the 51-story building for the next 48 hours and carry down as much as they can. 

  • 10 Hanover: "Is not habitable at this time" and does not have power. There's no time table on this building yet.

  • 75 WallPower should go on Tuesday, but heat and hot water is not expected until the weekend. 

  • 401 E. 34th Street: Rivergate remains uninhabitable, according to the Department of Buildings, and is without power.

  • 90 Washington Street: This building was just dried out today. The building staff is currently accessing the damages. Once those damages are repaired, Con Edison can turn on the power. They gave residents no time table of when they can return, according to a forwarded email from one BI tipster.

Know of the status of any other buildings in Manhattan? Send an email to mgalante@businessinsider.con and we will add them to the list.

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