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They've Successfully Tethered The Infamous 'Dangling Boom' To The Building


Sandy Crane

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that the dangling boom on the damaged crane in Midtown Manhattan has been successfully tethered to the luxury high-rise building next to it.

Take it away, mayor:

"They went out on the crane early this morning with a careful plan that we spent two days to make sure we can do this safely.

With their hands they rotated the crane to bring the boom now against the building, and they have since tethered it to the building so there's no danger of it falling.

If everything goes according to plan — and we still have a little more work to do — we hope to reopen W. 57th St. to traffic tonight."

And this was the plan, according to the Wall Street Journal:

The plan calls for a worker to rotate the entire crane using a small hand crank, turning the damaged boom toward the building. Then cables would be used to secure the boom to 10- to 12-foot steel arms installed near the top of the condominium tower on West 57th Street.

Fortunately, it looks like it worked. The crane itself will be taken down Saturday.

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