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In New Jersey, You're Lucky If Gas Lines And Power Outages Are Your Worst Problem


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With New Jersey slowly starting to pull itself back together after the devastation caused by Sandy, life there remains far from normal.

Damages to businesses could reach $30 billion and over 2 million New Jersey homes and business remain without power.

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We headed out there to see how the state is doing post-Sandy and while things are getting better there remain sharp contrasts in the areas affected. Some face limited damage and have power or are near people with power. Those areas are calmer with people gathering at charging stations or malls or going to friends' homes.

Other parts of the state like Lake Ferry and Moonachie are still submerged in water. Many there are struggling with the permanent loss of property and possessions. There people are still slowly getting back on their feet and reorganizing their lives. 

One of the first things we noticed when we got to New Jersey were the incredible gas lines, the state is running out of gas and people are getting desperate. Police are on hand to maintain order. 

We traveled through Bergen County, into Lake Ferry and Moonachie and then down to Hoboken and will be sharing out findings over the coming days.

Our first stop, after a gas station, was Garden State Plaza, where the mall has opened to allow people to charge phones and devices. 

We've never seen a mall like this. 

The first thing you notice when you get to New Jersey are the gas lines.

Some stretch for more than 2-3 miles.

In that front red car, Shari Howard got lucky, she pulled into the line at an exit point (there was no way to drive to the end) and was able to get up to the pump in only 10 minutes. She had traveled down from badly damaged Greenwood Lake, NY to visit family.

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