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Larry Ellison Will Have To Share His Hawaiian Island With Former Owner, David Murdock


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Larry Ellison bought his own Hawaiian island, but the previous owner isn't quite done with it yet.

The AP reports billionaire David Murdock, who sold the island to Ellison, will be holding on to three key pieces of property.

He'll have his seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 44,921-square-foot mansion worth over $6 million.

He'll keep his grocery store, which is one of just three grocery stores on the island.

And, most controversially, he'll keep the rights to a wind farm project that people of Lanai hate.

Some other fun stuff he negotiated for himself:

  • a lot across the street from the home
  • assorted apartments
  • two massive wood sculptures that reside in a resort lobby
  • two carved elephant tusks
  • a woodworking shop that makes furniture
  • and 1,000 rare orchid plants.

This info was revealed through documents filed to the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission. What isn't known is how much Ellison paid for 98 percent of the island’s 141 square miles. The Maui News reported that Murdock had wanted to sell for sometime and was looking fo  $500 million to $600 million.

But if Ellison doesn't get to keep those 1,000 rare orchids, well, who knows how much he was willing to pay.

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