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Jaguar Designed A Speedboat Inspired By Some Of Its Coolest Cars


jaguar concept speedboat

Last month, we looked at a luxury yacht concept Mercedes-Benz created to celebrate the Silver Arrow, a line of successful racing cars it built in the 1930s.

Now it's Jaguar's turn to hit the water, and the maker of the newly revealed F-Type is looking to the future, not the past, for inspiration.

The "Concept Speedboat by Jaguar Cars" is designed to go with the new XF Sportbrake. It also bears the marks of the D-Type and the Series 1 XJ, both very good-looking vehicles.

Director of Design Ian Callum says the boat, which Jaguar will not actually produce or sell, represents "a vision of how our design philosophy might be applied to an alternative product, in which speed and beauty are also priorities."

The speedboat is designed to invoke the new XF Sportbrake.

Much like a sports car, there's not much room: The boat has only three seats.

The hull is made of fiberglass.

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