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The World's Top Destinations For Foodies


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As a salty mist rolls in from the tidal river, you duck into Moran’s Oyster Cottage and settle by the peat fire.

Willie, a seventh-generation shucker, draws you a creamy headed pint of Guinness and a dozen local oysters with a thick slab of brown bread.

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You’ve slurped a lot of bivalves in your life, but all—past and future—will be compared to these.

No matter how awe-inspiring you find the Cliffs of Moher, the cobblestoned streets of Galway, or any of the other attractions that brought you to Ireland, it’s likely that this meal or one like it—hearty, served by friendly folks in just the right setting—will be the memory you keep coming back to. Because, let’s be honest, often sightseeing is just something to fill the time between meals, right? So as part of T+L's bucket list of the 101 places every traveler should know, we’re serving up some of the world’s best foodie experiences.

We’ve got a few seafood places that could give Moran’s a run for its money, such as a harborside South African restaurant and an atmospheric little bistro in the French village of Sauzon. Closer to home, a gut-busting lunch stop along the Pacific Coast Highway and the finest comfort food Montreal cooks up may inspire you to book a quick getaway.

Then, of course, there are classic foodie favorites like Paris, Singapore with its street-food stalls, and the frozen-in-time local hangouts along the canals of Venice. You don’t have to take our word for it. In Oaxaca, Mexico, famous for its complex mole sauces, chef April Bloomfield shares her favorite regional Slow Food restaurant, while designer Anya Hindmarch names London’s best sausage toast.

There’s something for every taste. But every pick hits that sweet spot where food, company, and setting combine for a truly transporting—and delicious—experience. Find out where in the world to satisfy your cravings.

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San Francisco

Slurp oysters fresh from Tomales Bay at the Hog Island Oyster Bar ($$$), in the Ferry Terminal Market—or better yet, at its home base, 50 miles north.


Make a movable feast of a tapas crawl, from classic El Vaso de Oro ($) and modern Paco Meralgo ($) to the popular Bar Pinotxo ($) and locals-only Bomba Bar Cova Fumada ($).

Oaxaca, Mexico

“The food in Oaxaca, Mexico, is excellent: complex moles; chicken soups with different kinds of chiles; fresh street-side tacos. I love La Biznaga Restaurant ($$), which specializes in regional Slow Food dishes.” —April Bloomfield, chef

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