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The 15 Most Bizarrely Unnecessary Sexy Halloween Costumes Of 2012


sexy halloween costume oscar grouch

One of the scariest parts of Halloween is the ability for the costume industry to turn even the most chaste and unobjectionable character or inanimate object into a "sexy" one.

It seems just about anything can get sexy thrown in front of it on Halloween, from a lamp to George Washington to, that's right, a body bag.

Adults, in the United States, will spend an estimated $8 billion on Halloween this year, mostly on themselves rather than their kids. But just because they're spending on average of $80 on costumes — up from $72 last year — that doesn't mean their spending it on more material. 

Mommy's Scooby Doo costume might have significantly less fur than her kid's. Ruh roh.

SEXY BODY BAG: This "Jane Doe DOA Body bag" costume makes us worry about what was on the costume rejection list.

SEXY GEORGE WASHINGTON: What would Martha have to say about this?

SEXY OSCAR THE GROUCH: Yandy.com calls this a trash monster. We call it a trashy monster.

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