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The Newest Thing In Pet Pampering: The Luxury Cat Hotel



Would you ever book a hotel room for your fluffy little friend?

That's the question UK cat owners in Haywards Heath, England, may soon be asking themselves as plans for a new cat hotel have just been submitted for approval, according to a report in the Mid Sussex Times.

Dubbed the Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel, this English feline hotel--which already has two other locations in Welwyn Garden City and St. Albans--would feature seven bespoke cat suites. Each suite would boast wrought iron designer beds, luxe pillows and a gourmet "A La Cat" menu serving up fresh cod steak, steamed salmon and king prawns, just to name a few.

The existing Longcroft hotels have six different themed suites with scratching posts, personal gardens and kitty climbing equipment in each room. Owners can also splurge for personal grooming sessions, a photo shoot package or sign up to receive electronic postcards from their cat.

The idea for the so-called "cattery" came when founder and owner Abi Purser was unable to find a suitable place to keep her cat Norman while she was on a cruise in 2010.

"We hope it won't be long before we can bring our award-winning hotel to cat owners in the Haywards Heath Area," Purser told the Mid Sussex Times.

The suites range in price from $25 for a single cat staying in a large suite to $96 for five felines sharing a super-sized suite. Only cats from the same family are allowed to stay in the same room.

If the plans are approved, the hotel could possibly open by early 2013.

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