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The 23 Least Sexist Countries In The World


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This week, the World Economic Forum (WEF) released its 2012 report analyzing gender inequality throughout the world, The Global Gender Gap Report 2012.

The report highlighted the changing nature of gender relations throughout some of the world's most diverse countries. But primarily, it featured the latest update of the Global Gender Gap Index

Introduced by the WEF in 2006, the index is a "framework for capturing the magnitude and scope of gender-based disparities and tracking their progress." The ranking metric is made up of four sub-categories: economic, political, education and health-based criteria.

Each of the 135 countries analyzed received a sub-score in all of the four categories on a 0-1 scale, and then an overall score based on the four sub-scores.

23. Mozambique

Overall score: 0.7350

Economic and participation opportunity score: 0.7988

Educational attainment score: 0.8267

Health and survival score: 0.9612

Political empowerment score: 0.3533

Source: World Economic Forum

22. United States of America

Overall score: 0.7373

Economic and participation opportunity score: 0.8143

Educational attainment score: 1.0000

Health and survival score: 0.9792

Political empowerment score: 0.1557

Source: World Economic Forum

21. Canada

Overall score: 0.7381

Economic and participation opportunity score: 0.7877

Educational attainment score: 0.9909

Health and survival score: 0.9780

Political empowerment score: 0.1959

Source: World Economic Forum

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