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New Yorkers Are Hiding Exotic Pets In Their Apartments



New York is often called the concrete jungle, but some Manhattan dwellers are giving that phrase new meaning with their exotic pets.

As of late, New Yorkers have been caught keeping jaguars, kangaroos, and wolves in their apartments, Caitlin Abdo of Real Estate Weekly is reporting.

Abdo writes:

It seems that if they can covertly transport the exotic pet into the building, they can remain there happily unless the animal becomes disruptive and draws attention to itself.

Overall, national pet ownership is on the rise. But leave it to New Yorkers to try and go bigger, better, and wilder than everyone else.

City Connections broker Mollie Bean told Real Estate Weekly she ran into a jaguar that the owner swore "doesn't bite" while showing an apartment. Another agent talked about trying to find a duplex for a client and his pet kangaroo.

For the record, section 161.01 of the Health Code of New York City bans the housing of a wild animal in residential buildings, but that doesn't stop most residents who have an affinity for wild pets.

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