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Russian Officials Need To Stop Wearing Incredibly Expensive Watches


Earlier this year we brought you the story of Russian Orthodox Church Leader and his mysterious disappearing $30,000 watch.

Patriarch Kirill's team had apparently Photoshopped the Breguet watch out a photo from an official event, apparently hoping to stem any criticism about why a religious leader would be wearing such an expensive watch. Of course their plan backfired and the story spread from blogs to international press in a matter of days.

Have Russian officials learned?

Apparently not. The New York Times' Lede Blog as a great summary of the case of ethnic republic Udmurtia’s president, Alexander Volkov, who appeared on a billboard and cuddling a tiger and wearing some kind of watch.

Russian bloggers were soon able to reveal that the plain watch on the poster had in fact been stuck on top of the previous, more glamorous watch.

Here's the poster:

Russia Watch

This video below shows that the new watch is a sticker.

The blogger, Andrey Konoval, was able get the sticker off and post photos of the watch below on his blog. It appears to be the "Classique Complications" watch from Breguet.

Volkov's team denied that the president had worn either watch, and insisted that both watches had been added by the poster's designers. However Konoval has been able to find more images of the watch, despite an apparent attempt to scrub photos of the expensive watch from the internet.

Volkov may have something else to hide. According to Ria Novosti, the covered-up watch was thought to be worth $123,000 — slightly over Volkov's annual salary of 3.6 million rubles ($116,000). Exactly how he would be able to afford it isn't clear

Russia isn't the only country where bloggers are uncovering the wild watches of allegedly corrupt individuals.

In recent months in China many allegedly corrupt officials have seen their watches passed around on Weibo. In at least one of these cases, the official has since been fired.

Our advice to corrupt officials around the world: leave the watches at home.

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