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A Vienna Sushi Restaurant Installed A One-Way Mirror In Its Women's Bathroom


Dots Vienna Restaurant

Dot Experimental Sushi in Vienna has caused some controversy after female patrons became aware that the mirror above the bathroom sinks was actually a one-way looking glass — and men were watching them on the other side.

The restaurant's communications and marketing manager Alexander Khaelssberg told Vienna newspaper Kurier that it's actually an art project and that the clientele at Dot is "young and cosmopolitan" and has no criticism for the "installation."

Yet enough people have complained that the restaurant was forced to put up a warning sign informing women that they are a part of an art project and are facing a one-way mirror.

The installation is the work of artist Alexander Riegler, who explained in an interview with Radio Wien that the purpose of his art was to stimulate a discussion about voyeurism and surveillance in everyday life.

And whether the public agrees with him or not, come January the mirror will be reversed so that women will see men's faces while they stand at the restaurant's urinals.

Meanwhile, Dots is enjoying its newfound publicity by posting a referential photo on Facebook of a male stick figure peering over a stall at a female stick figure.

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