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The 10 Best States To Retire In This Year



Ask anyone to name the states most coveted by retirees in the U.S. and chances are high they'd fire off a list of sun magnets on either coast.

But as today's seniors look toward retirement with nest eggs battered by the recession, more thought will go into choosing their final zip code than climate alone.

In a search for the best states to retire, MoneyRates.com's Richard Barrington spent weeks analyzing what he says are the seven key factors seniors should consider: 

Cost of living, property taxes, violent crime rates, climate, life expectancy for seniors, recent population growth in the senior demographic and unemployment. 

"Retirees and young people have very different concerns," Barrington told Business Insider. "Crime's a good example. Older folks are especially vulnerable to crime and they tend to worry about it more." 

10. Texas (Tie)

Texas' warm climate and solid economy have made it "enticing to seniors," Barrington notes.

"However, it's a big state that's not without its trouble spots: The overall crime rate is another one of the nation's 10 worst." 

But for their trouble, seniors enjoy a cost of living that is just over 91 percent of the national average.

Source: MoneyRates' Best And Worst States To Retire

10. California (Tie)

Tying for 10th place, California's struggling economy and high cost of living haven't been enough to deter seniors. 

"California couples a good climate with good life expectancy at age 65: 19.08 years," Barrington says. 

Source: MoneyRates' Best And Worst States To Retire

9. South Dakota

You'd be hard-pressed to find a "Best XYZ State" list these days without South Dakota on it. 

Seniors are overlooking the frigid climate and flocking to the state for its low crime rate and low cost of living. And they're living longer in the process.

"South Dakota had the fourth best life expectancy at age 65, at 19.33 years," Barrington says.

Source: MoneyRates' Best And Worst States To Retire

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