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This Completely Inoffensive Pink Computer Was Made Just For Women


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Fujitsu announced the launch of a brand new computer that's so easy, even a woman can use it! Meet the "Floral Kiss" — which comes in subtly named shades of Feminine Pink, Elegant White, and Luxury Brown.

And it's about time. I can't count the number of times I've been typing away on my Mac Book Pro and thought, wow, this consumer experience sure would be enhanced if my caps lock key was bedazzled and there was a built-in daily horoscope app. (Shh, my lady brain can't process widgets). This computer comes with both.

Other custom-designed applications — "planned and developed primarily under the direction of female employees" — include a built-in scrapbooking and diary app.

But the pièce de résistance? On top of a floral motif, zirconia adornments, and a power button with a "pearl-like accent," the "team of female engineers" addressed an often-ignored design flaw (emphasis is ours):

"The top casing has been constructed with an elegant and refined gradation with gold trim, and it features a flip latch that can easily open the display—even by users with long fingernails."

I'd applaud Fujitsu, but I refuse to ruin my manicure.

Jezebel's Jenna Sauers dissected the press release and counted that while 134 words were dedicated to Floral Kiss' custom-made "agete" case and 167 to the female-friendly design choices, only 19 words described the laptop's technical attributes.

This is hardly the first unnecessarily gender-specified product.

In May 2011, Nokia announced a bright pink N8 complete with an ELLE fashion app and "“Little Pink Diva Theme for adding some colour into your menus and a great Pink Neon Clock.” (It was advertised with a terrifying commercial starring dismembered Barbies).

Dell also got a lot of flack in 2009 for launching Della, a Dell site for her that offered tips on how to find recipes and count calories.

But it's not just tech products that get the gender normative treatment: Even water and pens fall victim to female-friendly engineering.

What's product will get the "for her" treatment next?

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