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Tory Burch Totally Downplays Her Ex-Husband's Role In Her Success


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Tory Burch created a $2 billion brand in less than a decade, an amazing accomplishment that shows her talent and drive.

But in a recent interview, Burch downplayed a major factor in her success: help from her ex-husband, retail legend J. Christopher Burch.

In her Rock Center With Brian Williams interview, Tory says of her ex:

"He said, you know, 'Work on a concept and let's look at it.' He had started a company in college and so he had a bit of experience in the industry. He was supportive, but had some trepidations. He was a little worried, but he thought, Let's see what you come up with."

Christopher Burch's "company in college" was apparel brand Eagle's Eye. After launching the successful business and building it up for more than a decade, he sold it for an estimated $60 million.

His retail experience doesn't end there. Within the industry, Christopher Burch is considered a guru. He's funded and advised more than 50 companies, mostly retail.

He was also the first investor in his ex-wife's company, Tory Burch.

Tory's public distance from her ex is understandable: the two are currently embroiled in a legal battle over Christopher's Burch's new fashion brand. Tory says the designs are too similar to her own.

But its undeniable that her ex-husband's experience, retail connections and money played a huge role in her success. To say that he has "a bit" of experience is ridiculous.

And after all, Tory didn't have any experience as a designer or businesswoman before launching her company, so she probably got help from somewhere.

Tory Burch is successful because of her talent and drive. But that doesn't mean she shouldn't give credit where it's due.

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