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Martha Stewart May Be The Only Woman In The World Who Paints Her Red Louboutin Soles Black


louboutin shoes

Martha Stewart paints the signature red soles on her Christian Louboutin shoes black. 

The home decorating maven told In-Style magazine her secret. 

"See the soles? I paint them black," Stewart said. She said she finds the red soles to be too flashy. 

Stewart also told the magazine that she had asked Louboutin if she could paint the soles, and he agreed. 

Stewart is probably the only woman in the world to paint her red soles black. Women pay upward of $700 for the shoes. 

Why do they pay so much? Because the red soles are a status symbol in fashion. 

Louboutin also just ended an ugly legal battle with another luxury house, Yves Saint Laurent, over the red soles. 

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