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Dunkin' Donuts Has Filed For A Trademark That Should Concern Einstein Bros (DNKN)


dunkin donuts bagel holes

Dunkin' Donuts has seen a ton of success with its branding of Munchkins — its donut holes.

Now, it appears that it'll be trying to do the same with bagels.

Dunkin' is trying to trademark the name "Bagel Bunchkin" for bite-size bagel holes, reports Todd Wallack at The Globe.

Freelance journalist Jeff Cutler tweeted a picture of poppy seed covered bagel holes from Dunkin' back in January 2011, so it appears that these have been in the works for a while.

Competitor Einstein already sells bagel holes, which it calls "Bagel Poppers." They're coated with a variety of toppings like pumpkin cream cheese.

Aaron Kagan at Eater points out that bagels don't have leftover scraps, since they're not made by poking out a hole.

"Bagels are made by joining the ends of a snakelike piece of dough, and not by punching the middle out of a round piece of dough," he explains in a post. "So this isn't like garlic scapes or offal, where a food producer has found a clever way of selling you something that has less value than the main attraction but is still delicious."

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