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10 Scientifically-Proven Ways To Make Yourself Happier


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Few people go through life without wanting to be happier.

You may think happiness is out of your control, but believe it or not, there are a few scientifically-proven ways to make yourself happier, and they're all things you can do proactively.

Spend money on other people.

Spending money on other people instead of yourself makes you feel happier, a study published in "Psychological Bulletin" found. 

The study concluded "the happiest people were the biggest givers, no matter what they earned," and always felt better donating to charities and giving to others than splurging on themselves.

Try something new.

People who go on adventures, try new experiences, and switch up their routines are generally happier, research has shown.

Trying new things also keeps motor function sharp and stimulates brain waves.

Expose yourself to more blue.

A study showed that exposing yourself to the color blue sent "self confidence soaring, cut stress, and boosts happiness."

Researchers from the University of Sussex found that when people saw blue, their brain waves showed increased happiness.

According to The Daily Mail, our love for blue comes from our ancestors "linking the color of the afternoon and evening sky to the feeling of a day well spent, and the prospect of a good night's sleep."

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