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17 Moments From The Past Year When It Felt Awesome To Be American


Kate Upton America

In the past year, Americans have memorialized a great inventor, celebrated the success of a Congresswoman, and seen major advances in science. 

As we celebrate Independence Day, let's remember the recent moments when it felt awesome to be an American.

President Obama announced a formal end to the Iraq War.

A solemn December ceremony marked the end of the Iraq War and the last U.S. soldiers stationed there came home.

The Internet rallied together and raised $700,000 for bullied New York bus monitor Karen Klein.

Klein, who was taunted by students in a viral YouTube video, can now retire.

We all united to remember Steve Jobs and his great inventions.

Though everyone was deeply saddened by Jobs' death after a long battle with cancer, Americans celebrated the achievements of one of the greatest innovators of our time.

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