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Why The Heck Do So Many People Want To Move To India?


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Future retirees want to move to India, HSBC's fifth annual Expat Survey showed.

11 percent of expats surveyed said they plan to retire in India, which is strange seeing as the same survey ranked India last in overall expat experience.

Clearly, there's a disconnect somewhere. Respondents did say the economy was low on the list of priorities affecting where they'd like to move, so the desire must be more social that's driving the trend.

Respondents chose India as the ideal place to retire because of the quality of life, being close to family, and social life.

Family, the weather, and cost of living rounded out what made the country great for future-retirees.

But, on HSBC's overall list of the best countries for expats, India ranked last. Only one in four people felt they achieved a better quality of life, according to the report.

Expats currently in India said they found it difficult to organize healthcare, learn the language, and adjust to the local food.

11 percent of expats surveyed also said they'd like to retire in the United Kingdom, tying with India.

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