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The Most Popular Halloween Costumes This Year


Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence

Halloween is coming up, and it's time to start shopping for a costume. 

Yahoo sent us search data and revealed the top twenty searched-for costumes for this month. If search is a good indication, these are the costumes we'll be seeing the most. 

Pop culture influences the costume choices greatly, although there are a few classics in there. 

They are: 

1.      Pirate

2.      Monster High (a line of children's toys). 

3.      Ninjago (a set from Lego). 

4.      Zombie (undoubtedly influenced by the Walking Dead). 

5.      Minnie Mouse

6.      Batman/Dark Knight

7.      Bane (“Dark Knight” villain)

8.      Power Ranger

9.      Renaissance

10.   Witch

11.   Ninja

12.   Catwoman

13.   Wonder Woman

14.   Vampire

15.   Katniss Everdeen (the lead character from the Hunger Games franchise). 

16.   Peacock

17.   Fairy

18.   Mermaid

19.   “The Hunger Games”

20.   “Star Wars”

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