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Egypt Just Reopened A Major Tourist Attraction


Pyramid of Khafre, Giza, Egypt, Great pyramids

Egypt just re-opened one of its iconic pyramids in Giza, the Pyramid of Khafre, along with six ancient tombs, which had been closed for renovations for years.

This open invitation to foreign tourists comes at an interesting time in history, when there's been a wave of anti-American sentiments and attacks on foreigners.

Last month a mob attacked the American embassy in Cairo, the U.S. State Department recently issued a warning for female missionaries in Egypt, and Coptic Christians have been persecuted regularly.

Naturally, tourism is directly affected by the tumultuous political situation, but the Egypt Tourism Authority is amping up its efforts to bring tourists back. Tourism was once one of the driving forces behind Egypt's economy, but since the revolution tourism has dropped off and the country's economy has suffered.

The Pyramid of Khafre, which was built by the Pharaoh Khafre around 2520, is the second largest of the three great pyramids in Giza. It's the only one that's still capped by the original limestone blocks. Visitors can now explore the somewhat claustrophobic labyrinthine passageways inside the pyramid, which lead to the pharaoh's burial chamber.

So will you be booking your trip to see the pyramids soon?

NBC's Stephanie Gosk explored the newly opened pyramid for the Today Show. Watch the video below.


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