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Behind The Scenes At New York City's Scariest Haunted House


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Halloween is coming and people everywhere are starting to prepare.

But at Blood Manor in New York's West Village, Halloween is a major production.

We got to go backstage at the famed haunted house and see the actors get into costume. It's quite an elaborate process. 

While we were there, Doc Coyle, lead guitarist of heavy metal band God Forbid, was making an appearance as a zombie in the show and we watched his transformation from start to finish. 

It was pretty freaky but lots of fun.

Blood Manor is at 163 Varick St (right near 7th Ave). There is a pretty long line every night that it's open, throughout the fall.

The fans on line were excited.

As we headed to the backstage area, some of the actors were already getting ready to go into position.

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