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I Stepped Into The Huffington Post's Amazing $8,000 Nap Contraption


Last night I got my first opportunity to check out the offices of The Huffington Post, as it was holding a book party for managing editor Jimmy Soni, who has a new book out about Rome.

While there I got the chance to check out what has to be one of the coolest perks for any company anywhere: A nap room with a high-tech nap pod.

The room is called "Napquest" (which is an awesome) name, and it's right in the heart of the office.

Huffington Post nap room

Outside of the room, a sign explains the system of lights they have set up, to let you know whether one of your colleagues is currently taking a nap.

Huffington Post Nap Room

Once in the room you see it... the $8,000 METRONAPS bed.

Huffington Post nap room

After you climb in, a gigantic hood swings around, so that you can be enclosed in total darkness.

Huffignton Post Nap Room

And when the hood is swung over you, this is all you can see. (Presumably if you were actually taking a nap, the light would be off, and you would truly be in total darkness.

Huffington Post nap room

We didn't actually take a nap, but it does seem like a great way to be ensconsed in total darkness, in a very comfortable seat, while also (according to the MetroNaps website) have soothing sounds played.

Of course: Naps are for the weak.

For more about the nap contraption, see here >

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