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How A Wedding Blog Became One Of The Most Shared Sites On Pinterest


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Wedding photography is perfectly suited to Pinterestbeautiful, relatable and shareable.

Style Me Pretty, a photo-centric wedding blog that's seen explosive growth since it launched five years ago, has aced the Pinterest formula. It's the twelfth most shared website Pinterest, capturing around .4% of total pins on the site, according to an RJMetrics analysis from earlier this year. The blog gets around 520,000 visits a month from Pinterest, by far its largest social referrer.

The blog, which gets 1.4 million unique visitors a month, has a simple social media strategy: keep every tweet, pin and post 100% on brand strategy, according to founder and editor Abby Larson.

She shared some of Style Me Pretty's other social media secrets with us (emphasis ours).

On Pinterest:

Be authentic. Pin only what you love and what is on brand for you. I do 
think that brides and wedding industry pros tend to pin at lightning 
speed, namely because it is an environment that is primed to fall in love 
with ideas, but I think that our success can be attributed to two things:
 consistency and style. We pin daily and we stick to on-brand imagery.

On Twitter and Facebook:

We approach social media much 
like we curate our own blog content. We want each image pinned, each 
wedding on Facebook, each moment tweeted to be 100% on brand with 


 Each platform offers different features and user demographics. To really 
understand where each platform shines you need to get your hands dirty 
and play with them.

For instance, we find that Twitter reaches more
 wedding vendors than Facebook. We find that Facebook is far more bride-
focused than Twitter.

 No matter what you do, remember that social networks are inherently 
human. They are meant to share a person's experiences, not market a 
business. So be human. Engage people. Create a conversation.

On e-commerce:

We are working on developing a white label checkout tool so that we
 can offer e-commerce on our site and let brides take advantage of the
 flash sale trend. While there are no plans to make this a large part of our business model, we do see the value in giving brides access to the kinds of 
products that we are curating on SMP each day in the real weddings that
 we feature.

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