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These Casinos In Macau Make Las Vegas Look Like A Dump



Most people think Las Vegas is the capital of the casino world.

It's not.

Casino revenues in Macau, the semi-autonomous administrative region of China, surpassed those of Vegas years ago.

Gambling turnover in Macau is now five times that of Vegas, annually, according to The New Yorker.

And Macau, like Vegas, is building new casinos as fast as it can. Some of them are eye-poppingly awesome. Take a look.

Historically, Macau was a Portuguese colony protected by the Monte Fort, a castle built in 1617. This is a view through one of its walls.

This is the Venetian Macau, the biggest of the 33 casinos in Macau. It has the largest casino floor in the world.

The Venetian is an enlarged replica of the one in Las Vegas.

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