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Can You Have A Girlfriend And A New Startup At The Same Time?


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Starting a new company is brutal. It's time consuming; you become dead to your friends for weeks at a time, and it can be so grueling that you forget to eat or shower.

So one Quora user asked the logical question:

Can (or should) you have a girlfriend and start a company at the same time?

Most of the top responders thought you could do both.

The highest voted response stated that yes, if you date someone who is supportive, you can have a boyfriend or girlfriend in your startup's infancy. Depending on your significant other's job and connections, he or she may even be able to make valuable introductions for you and your startup.

If you don't have a supportive significant other, you probably shouldn't be dating that person, startup or not.

Other responders were skeptical:

"My own experience of being a former girlfriend of a guy who joined a Start-up was not-so-great," one wrote. "It meant less time together, not receiving emotional support (even when it was directly sought), listening to negativity all the time...sometimes I felt like I was his plaything, that he would only pay attention to me when it suited his needs."

Head over to Quora for the full debate >

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