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The Fabulous Lives Of Malia And Sasha Obama


Obama Family

During Barack Obama's first four years in office, his daughters, Malia and Sasha, have grown grown from babies into young adults before our very eyes.

This kind of publicity and attention can ruin people, but these girls don't appear to have been spoiled by the spotlight. 

Sasha, 11, and Malia, 14, are now entering their teen years and are becoming more visible. And if their dad wins a second term, their life in the spotlight will continue for at least another four years. 

When Obama was elected, Malia and Sasha became part of the "First Family", with Sasha becoming the youngest child to live in the White House since John F Kennedy Jr.

In Washington, they attend the prestigious Sidwell Friends School.


Sidwell, a Quaker private school in Washington, D.C., is described as "the Harvard of Washington's private schools." Joe Biden's grandchildren, Theodore Roosevelt's son, Richard Nixon's daughter, Bill Clinton's daughter, and Al Gore's son have all attended the school in the past.

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