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Pranking Bullies Voted This Teen To Homecoming Court But Now The Whole Town Is Rallying Around Her


whitney kropp

Whitney Kropp, a high school sophomore from Detroit, Michigan, was thrilled to learn she had been voted to the Homecoming Court. 

But Kropp later learned that bullies had plotted to get her on the court as a joke, local TV news station KDSK reported. Her mother said that she came home from school excited, but later began crying. 

In the interview, Kropp said the prank made her consider suicide. 

Since the prank, the community has rallied around Kropp, who decided to keep her place on the Homecoming Court. 

A local salon offered her a free makeover, while other local businesses are providing her dress, shoes and limo for the event. 

A Facebook group called "Support Whitney Kropp" has more than 41,000 likes in just a few days. According to the page, people are planning on selling shirts in orange, Whitney's favorite color, and wearing them to the football game. 

The group has become a forum for others to share their stories about bullying. 

In a few days, Whitney's outlook has changed. 

"High school immaturity is how I see it," she told the station. 

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