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New York's 'Dine In The Dark' Restaurant Is Sponsoring A Halloween Screaming Contest


Dans le Noir? dining in the dark restaurant new york

Dining in a pitch black restaurant is an experience all to itself. It's easy to get spooked by sitting in the dark, eating food you can't see.

But adding a Halloween-themed screaming contest to the mix? That just sounds unnecessarily terrifying.

Dans Le Noir, the New York City restaurant where patrons dine in the dark, is hosting a Halloween contest for "the most horrible shout in the dark," Eater is reporting.

I, personally, enjoyed my experience at Dans Le Noir, but adding people intermittently shrieking sounds like it would ruin the experience and enjoyment of the food.

The person with the loudest and most terrifying scream will win a dinner for two and a bottle of wine at the restaurant. 

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