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This Action Figure Has Been Declared The Most Iconic Childhood Toy


G.I. Joe

On July 16, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis asked the hard-hitting question, "what was your favorite toy growing up?"

And after eight weeks and more than 24,000 votes submitted, the final results have been announced—and the winner is G.I. Joe. He was followed by Transformers, and then LEGO Toys in third place.

After the first five weeks of public voting, the top 100 iconic toys were narrowed down to a list of the top 20. From that 20, another vote was conducted to determine the final rankings.

"Each of the toys the public chose for the top 20 has been produced for 25 years or more, which is not surprising considering their cross-generational appeal," said president & CEO of The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Dr. Jeffrey H. Patchen is a press release. "Objects such as crayons and bicycles have been around for decades—evoking strong emotions and fond memories with children, parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents."

Beginning today, the final 20 toys will be on display at the museum for the public to view until the end of the year.

Check out the final ranking of the top 20 iconic toys below:

  1. G.I. Joe®
  2. Transformers®
  3. LEGO® Toys
  4. Barbie®
  5. View-Master®
  6. Bicycle
  7. Cabbage Patch Kids®
  8. Crayons
  9. Play-Doh®
  11. Raggedy Ann®
  12. Spirograph™
  13. Etch A Sketch®
  14. Little Golden Books®
  15. Hot Wheels®
  16. Lincoln Logs®
  17. Candy Land®
  18. Roller Skates
  19. Silly® Putty
  20. Mr. Potato Head®

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