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This Handbag Design Is A Valiant Attempt To Make Boxed Wine Classier


Vernissage Boxed Wine

Boxed wine usually conjures up memories from college and games of "slap the bag."

But can packaging make boxed wine elegant and tasteful? That's the question Swedish company Vernissage has attempted to answer with a new line of wine-on-the-go designed to look like fashion handbags.

The so-called Bag-in-Bag wine comes in white (Chardonnay Viognier), red (Syrah/Cabernet Sauvignon blend), and rosé all from Taxis Soldato's Nordic Sea Winery in Sweden. Each wine has a complementing handbag color to match, as well as a cord handle and pop-out spout.

The packaging, designed by Sofia Blomberg, has won multiple awards since its premiere in 2010 for most innovative design from the Pentawards as well as the Carton Awards.

And while perhaps it would be frowned upon to start pouring wine from one's handbag, it certainly beats lugging around a carton of Franzia any day.

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