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The Coolest Movie-Inspired Items You Can Actually Buy


tron motorcycle

The Tron Light Cycle. Lightsabers. The Hoverboard.

They're not just fictional items in film favorites anymore. 

Now, you can buy nearly anything from a movie ... with enough cash.

This is why I'm Broke features a bunch of high-tech toys, movie and game-themed items for sale. 

We scoured the site and the Web to find outrageously expensive and more affordable movie replicas.

From the Ring of Mordor to a live-talking R2-D2, see what movie toys you can actually buy.

Tron Light cycle: $55,000

Yes, the Tron motorcycle exists.  

Even better, it's street legal.  

Parker Brothers Choppers produced an electric light cycle replica with spinning rims that lights up. The only thing the bike doesn't do is produce a beam of light protruding from its backend.

Batsuit: $1,540

Much more affordable than a real life Batsuit, you can purchase a Batman motorcycle suit. The only thing it's missing is the cape and cowl.

The alternative? You could just settle for a Batman snuggie.

Sex Panther Cologne: $34.95

With "Anchorman 2" in the works, it's time to bring out the scent banned in nine countries.

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