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Hillary Clinton supporters are wearing pantsuits to the polls because of a viral Facebook group


hillary clinton

It's no secret that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton loves pantsuits.

They've been her outfit of choice for decades, and while at times in the past the press has mocked her for her apparent lack of style, the pantsuit has eventually grown to become a meme beloved by her own supporters.

Thousands of Americans have joined in support of the pantsuit and Clinton by wearing one of their own pantsuits on Election Day.

The push to don pantsuits — which, of course, can be worn by both men and women — started with a private Facebook group created by Maine resident Libby Chamberlain after the presidential debates.

Dubbed "Pantsuit Nation," it began as a place for friends and fellow Clinton supporters to share their stories. But in the weeks since the debates, the page has swelled in popularity, reaching two million members and growing into a fundraising platform for the Democratic candidate. It has spawned a public Facebook page (though it has much fewer members than the private one), plus a Twitter and Instagram profile.

"We talked about how beautifully and stoically Hillary embodies women's fight for equality, and how the pantsuit is an emblem of that struggle," Chamberlain recently told CNN. "It's a symbol that might be lost on younger women, and so I wanted to do something to re-appropriate that symbol and everything that it means to me as a feminist and Clinton supporter."

Many of those supporters are sharing their getup with the hashtag #pantsuitnation on Twitter. Many are also wearing white in a nod to the 20th-century suffragette movement.




The group has been active on Instagram as well:

#Repost @conz with @repostapp ・・・ Pantsuits all day

A photo posted by Pantsuit Nation (@pantsuitnation) on Nov 8, 2016 at 7:58am PST on


Pantsuit Nation isn't the only social media entity using the pantsuit as its mode of support for Clinton. Another Instagram account, @hillarystreetstyle is posting photos of a pantsuit-wearing Clinton next to celebrities and style icons.



Tomorrow’s birthday girl, HRC, is pretty in pink along with Amal Clooney and Charli XCX 🎂 #hillaryclinton #amalclooney #prettyinpink #charlixcx #streetstyle #lookoftheday #hillarystreetstyle

A photo posted by What's ur Hillarystreetstyle? (@hillarystreetstyle) on Oct 25, 2016 at 2:09pm PDT on


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