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12 of the most beautiful new buildings in China


harbin opera house

Chinese architecture has always been loud, from the ornate pagodas that once housed family dynasties to the unusually shaped skyscrapers that inspired a ban on "weird buildings."

In recent years, contemporary buildings have cropped up on the glittering skylines of Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, and as far as the remote provinces south of Mongolia. These new developments add elegance and simplicity to the country's architectural portfolio.

We rounded up the most striking new buildings across China.

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Step aside, Sydney. The Harbin Opera House rises from the wetlands of the Heilongjiang province as though it were sculpted by wind. It blends seamlessly with the environment.

Architect: MAD

Year completed: 2015

Source: Forbes

When not obscured by fog, the Shanghai Tower stands out as one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world. The 127-story glass pillar appears to twist toward the sky.

Architect: Marshall Strabala

Year completed: 2015

Source: Business Insider

The Han Show Theater's squat, paper-lantern shape is made beautiful by an intricate, red mesh. The building's LED bulbs reflect on the lake at night, lighting up Wuhan, Hubei.

Architect: Stufish Entertainment Architects

Year completed: 2014

Source: Housely

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