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There's really only one way to correctly grow a mustache



November is here, and while some of you may still be in a candy-induced coma, others are taking sharp blades to their face in order to sculpt the perfect facial hair.

It's for a good cause, of course — "Movember" started as a month-long fundraiser for men's health initiatives, and it called on guys to grow out their mustaches.

But whether they're doing it for charity or just for fun, "Movember" has men wearing a type of facial hair mostly left in the dust bins of history: the mustache.

If you're going to grow one, you might as well get it right. Mustaches are tricky, and they require more upkeep and care than stubble or fully shaved looks.

Here are a few tips to nail it so you look more like Ron Swanson and less like Dick Dastardly.

  • First things first: You're going to have to learn how to shape it. Envision the shape in your mind, covering all of your lip with a bit of overhang. Your mustache should extend farther than the end of your lips, but to a reasonable degree. Too wide and it'll look bushy, too thin and you'll look evil.
  • Trim just under your nose, and make sure the hairs don't extend down past your lip line too far. If the hairs get a bit scraggly, trim a bit of the length all over with an electric shaver fitted with a guard attachment.
  • You can use either an electric or regular razor, but it's much easier for an electric razor to get the precision required for shaping a mustache. I'd recommend a full razor shave for the rest of your face, and using an electric precision trimmer for the more precise bits of your mustache.
  • Another note: The mustache requires upkeep. You'll have to shave regularly to keep the distinction between your mustache and the rest of your facial hair apparent. You're also going to have to trim more often to keep it neat. This isn't like stubble where you can wait a day or two in between shaves. 
  • For care, brush it down with your fingers or a comb if it starts to look unkempt. Apply a bit of beard oil sporadically if the skin underneath gets scratchy or itchy. Don't worry about mustache wax unless you're going for a more creative look.

If that's a bit more than you bargained for, don't stress out. Next to well-kempt stubble, mustaches are the easiest facial hair to have and maintain.

After all, it's worth it since it's all for a good cause. Right?

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