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12 Halloween photos that show how the holiday has changed in America over the last 100 years


georgetown witch of salem halloween

Halloween has an extensive history, dating back to Celtic rituals 2,000 years ago.

In the US, the holiday fuels an entire industry, with millions of Americans spending billions on Halloween costumes each year, according to the National Retail Foundation. Before the 1920s, Halloween costumes were more commonly handmade, and were simpler and more terrifying.

But over the course of American history, Halloween costumes have become more complex, interesting, and (in some cases) tawdry.

Take a look to see how Halloween costumes have changed over the course of the last century.

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In the 1910s, before the mass-production of Halloween costumes, people relied on handmade masks. In many ways, the imperfections made them creepier.

This photo shows three female students headed to a costume party in the Lakewood, New Jersey area in the late 1910s.

The practice of bobbing for apples also dates back to Celtic practices. It's remained popular throughout American history, as you can see in this Halloween photo from 1943.

Source: History.com


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