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We took a look inside the luxury movie theater chain that's taking over the country


Alamo Drafthouse NYC 4547

Since it was started by Tim and Karrie League in 1997 in Austin, Texas, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has become an oasis for movie lovers while also revolutionizing the theater experience with the inclusion of food and drink service.

With 25 locations across the country, it's now widely regarded as the best theater in the world, and if you live in the New York City area, you can finally experience it in all its glory. 

Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn will officially open its doors on Friday, and Business Insider got a glimpse inside what we can call without argument the most unique theatergoing experience in the city. 

Come take a tour with us inside the newest Alama Drafthouse Cinema in Brooklyn:

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Walking in, Stanley Kubrick fans will feel instantly at home as the familiar carpet design from "The Shining" will lead you into the fun.

You can do your best King Kong impression atop the Empire State Building with this photo setup.

This Drafthouse also has a gender-neutral bathroom, a move Tim League made in many of his theaters in the wake of the bathroom controversy in North Carolina.

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