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Donald Trump is selling a $100 cocktail with caviar and raw oysters at his newest hotel in Washington, DC


Old Post Office, Washington DC

The Trump International Hotel Washington DC made its grand entrance today after an official ribbon-cutting ceremony opened the new property to the public.

But it may not have been ready for prime time just yet.

For instance, the cocktail menu for the hotel's upscale bar, called The Benjamin, has been snapshotted and posted on the internet. And it's confusing.

Not only is the menu full of typographical errors with many of the name brands of liquor misspelled, it also has highlighted at the top an eponymous drink with potato, caviar, raw oysters, vodka, and rye.

The price? A tall ask at $100 — likely mostly attributed to the caviar involved in the concoction.

That's not the only egregious part of the menu, as Twitter has pointed out. The "Please Sign Here" is not actually a cocktail unique to The Benjamin, but contains the same ingredients as the "Naked and Famous" cocktail made famous by the bar Death + Co. in New York City. Also on the menu is a $20 vodka drink that uses a brand of vodka that runs about that same price for an entire bottle. 

If cocktails aren't your bag, elsewhere on the menu of The Benjamin is a section called "By the Crystal Spoon," according to The Daily Beast. It sells only spoonfuls of wine costing between $15 and $140.

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