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This entrepreneurial power couple run 4 businesses together out of their West Village home — here's their best advice for making it work


Sub Rosa 3972

For entrepreneurial power couple Michael and Caroline Ventura, "working from home" means much more than posting up all day on the couch with a laptop. The husband-and-wife team runs multiple businesses and creative ventures from a 19th-century, three-story building in the West Village. The 18,000-square-foot building used to be three townhomes, but it's now a unified structure rented out entirely by the Venturas.

Calliope (a home goods store that also offers art classes), And&And (a 2,500-square-foot event space), and Sub Rosa (Michael's creative design and marketing studio) surround their apartment. Both Michael and Caroline float seamlessly through the building, devoting a majority of their time to their main lines of business: Sub Rosa for Michael, and jewelry line BRVTVS for Caroline.

But with so many interests to juggle, every other moment between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. is guaranteed to be packed.

While their commute might be exceptionally short, both Michael and Caroline have had to develop a healthy work-life balance. At this point, they know better than almost anyone how being a business partner with your significant other is completely different from working with other employees.

Business Insider recently got the chance to visit their unique home and chat with them about what they've learned in eight years of collaboration.

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Technically, Michael and Caroline have been working together since the day they met. "We've always had a 'work together' mentality because we met on a job," Caroline said. Michael added: "I was creative-directing a shoot, and we hired Caroline's production company to produce some of the content."

Their two-story apartment shares the second and third floors of the building with Sub Rosa, the 50-person design and creative firm that Michael founded and is CEO of.

To help create more of a distance between work and home, the couple made sure that a separate, private staircase was built to enter their apartment.

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