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People living in these 3 states spend the most money on engagement rings


Pear-shaped diamond ring

The average American spends $5,871 on an engagement ring according to The Knot's 2015 Real Weddings Study

The sales team at Ritani, an online diamond retailer that specializes in engagement rings, dove deeper into the statistics to find the average price paid for an engagement ring in each state. 

According to their team, Nevada, Montana, and Washington are at the top of the list, forking over $9,000 to $10,500 for one ring on average.

"About 65-70% of our customer base is the millennial male, and the second segment is a middle-aged male, which I would dub [as this may be] their second [marriage]," Mark Keeney, Ritani's vice president of marketing, told Business Insider during a recent visit to the brand's Manhattan diamond factory. 

"But [these two customers] share similar characteristics, just as you're older, you have a little more disposable income, so you're willing to spend a little more," he said.

Since Nevada has the highest divorce rates in the country, Keeney's hunch about the "second marriage" could hold some truth.  

South Dakota and Vermont come in at the bottom of the list, averaging up to $2,999. 

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