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Here's why Donald Trump's skin is so orange



The American people deserve answers.

From how much Donald Trump has been in the media and out on the campaign trail, most of America has wondered why, exactly, the Republican nominee for president looks like he ate entirely too many carrots?

In fact, Trump has seemingly always given off such an orange hue, though it might be more apparent now given how omnipresent his visage is.

Though no one knows for sure what the source is, many makeup artists and tanning experts have a pretty good guess: a bad artificial tanner. 

"I know exactly what he does to himself — the tanning bed, the spray tan, he wears the goggles and you can see the hyper-pigmentation around his eyes," Jason Kelly, a Cleveland-based makeup artist that was hired to work at 2016's Republican National Convention, told Harper's Bazaar in July.

Whether it's a tanning bed or a spray tan is harder to tell, as both require eye protection and would leave the lines he has around his eyes. Most experts agree, though, that it's some kind of bad self-tanning that he's failing to use properly.

"You have to be very skilled when adding makeup on top of self-tanning," Dante Fitzpatrick, director of airbrush design at Beach Bum Tanningtold the NY Daily News in March. "And if you do it wrong, it looks really wrong — especially in high definition."

Fitzpatrick added that Trump is likely not using the correct shade for his skin, and is applying makeup incorrectly on top of it. TV camera lights will change the color of your natural skin and exacerbate the problem as well, Kimberly Kinch, makeup artist at Rouge NY, said to the Daily News.

If you're the tanning type, there are easy ways to avoid looking so orange. Choose a color that better matches your natural skin color, remember to exfoliate your skin to dull the orange, and always go to a professional.

Or stop applying artificial tan altogether and show people your true self. 

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