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Bryan Goldberg, Bustle's CEO and founder, lives in a gorgeous New York loft — take a tour


Bryan Goldberg, Bustle Founder

Bustle, a young website for millennial women, was just getting off the ground when its founder and CEO, Bryan Goldberg, decided to make the move from San Francisco to New York City. Goldberg founded Bustle in 2014 after selling his first media property, Bleacher Report, to Time Warner for about $175 million in 2012.

"I had a temporary apartment that I lived in as I decided whether or not I wanted to move permanently to New York. Bustle's success made that a pretty straightforward decision," Goldberg told Business Insider.

He spent nearly a year looking around Manhattan for a no-frills apartment that had plenty of space he could make his own. In Chelsea, he found a centrally located pre-war co-op building with a loft that perfectly fit the bill. He bought it in July 2015. 

"What I like about the home is that the building is very unassuming," Goldberg said. "There's no doorman, there's no fancy lobby — but the home is spacious. I really didn't want amenities, I didn't want a fancy gym, and I didn't want a roof deck. I just wanted as much space as I could get, in the spirit of downtown New York."

"I saw it, fell in love with it right away, and realized it had everything I wanted and nothing I didn't."

Goldberg enlisted the help of the architects at Parc Office to build out his ideal space. The renovation took about six months to complete, so Goldberg hopped around different Airbnbs in the meantime. 

He recently invited Business Insider to come check out his new digs — let's take a tour.

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When you enter the apartment, an extra-long couch decked out with faux-fur pillows immediately catches your eye. The orange chairs on the left-hand side were bought vintage and repurposed, while the unique end tables were made by New York-based designers Egg Collective.

Goldberg brought this Eames lounger from his old apartment.

And right behind that, Goldberg's whiskey collection is on display. "I wanted to have a great whiskey bar," he said. "There's not a lot of art in this apartment yet, but having a lot of whiskey bottles on the bar catches your eye."

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