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A legendary Silicon Valley designer just launched the anti-WeWork coworking space — take a look


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San Franciscans without a permanent office space have a new place to get stuff done.

Canopy is a sophisticated new workspace for the "mature" professional, according to cofounder and legendary Silicon Valley designer Yves Béhar. The shared office environment offers boutique style and concierge service to members, who pay a monthly rent.

Béhar insists Canopy is unlike WeWork, the $16 billion "coworking" startup that caters to young techies and startups. It operates dozens of locations worldwide, and any one, cookie-cutter office contains neon signs that read "Hustle," beer taps, and bean bag chairs.

Canopy cuts out the distractions. It's intimate and refined. Plus, its location in the affluent residential neighborhood of Pacific Heights offers convenience for people with families who want to stay close to home.

Take a look inside Canopy's flagship location.

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Yves Béhar, center, has designed beautiful, functional office spaces for the last 15 years. His furniture portfolio includes frameless desk chairs and modular desks.

His first coworking space, Canopy, ties these efforts together, Béhar tells Business Insider.

Located in Pacific Heights, an affluent San Francisco neighborhood where many families live, Canopy delivers an elevated design aesthetic that caters to its audience.

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