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This Amsterdam hotel has 9 one-of-a-kind rooms created by different designers


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When you look for a hotel room, you usually choose what to book based on how many beds you need, the size of the space, and the amenities offered (like a minibar or room service). Rarely do you get a room that's completely different than anyone else's.

But the Volkshotel in Amsterdam has a unique setup. Guests can book a one-of-a-kind room specially designed by local architects and interior designers.

Though the hotel offers regular rooms as well, nine rooms showcase winning designs from a site-specific competition. 40 designers pitched their concepts for unique hotel rooms to Volkshotel in 2014, and the hotel then selected the ones that would actually be implemented. Some look more cinematic, while others seem filled with German Expressionist set pieces.

Take a look at the unique rooms the hotel offers.

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A room called the Bathing Bikou, made by designer Hanna Maring, centers around the concept of bathing.

The wood-enclosed bathtub is placed front and center. A wood-slatted bench and a lounge chair near tub make the bedroom feel like a spa.

The Cabin in the Woods, created by designer Gabor Disberg, features a suspended bed platform encased in a partially deconstructed cabin-like enclosure.

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