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The 'Apple of vaping' made an e-cigarette for marijuana — here's what it's like


pax era pax labs

This summer, Pax Labs reinvented the e-cigarette with its best-selling device Juul.

The San Francisco-based startup dubbed the "Apple of vaping" is back with a device that aims to bring the same simplicity to marijuana smokers that the Juul delivered for tobacco smokers.

The Pax Era is a vape pen that works by heating up a liquid form of marijuana concentrate contained in tiny, Keurig-cup-like canisters. Users need only inhale to activate the device.

Here's how the Pax Era holds up.

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The Pax Era is a lightweight, portable vape pen that uses technology developed for the company's best-selling nicotine e-cigarette, Juul. It retails for $59.99.

The Pax Era is only sold in California and Colorado, where marijuana is legal in some form.

Since the company introduced its flagship vaporizer, the Pax, in 2012, it's garnered buzz for making user-friendly vapes on par with Apple's high standards of product design.

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The newest device is three inches long, making it compact enough to fit in your back pocket or a purse. The matte aluminum finish gives it a clean, modern look.

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