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Donald Trump's massive empire is under siege as his glamour fades — here's everything at stake


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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's brand might be losing steam.

In the wake of several public gaffes, including a decade-old recording of Trump making derogatory comments about women, consumers are becoming wary of the brand.

Since the video was made public, perceived value of the Trump brand fell 8 percentage points in real estate and 6 percentage points in country and golf clubs, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing research firm Brand Keys.

Data assembled by location-intelligence company Foursquare in August showed thatbusinesses that have been hardest hit by a drop in foot traffic include some of the best-known Trump properties: Trump SoHo, the Trump Tower in Chicago, and the Trump-branded Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, which closed earlier this week. 

"I know from industry insiders that business is down at least 30% at their other properties," Jack Ezon, president of Ovation Vacations, told the Boston Globe. "Our numbers with Trump are consistent with that projection."

As the added value of the Trump brand drops, he could struggle to find people who are willing to pay a premium for his name. 

Here are the major properties and businesses at stake.

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Residential properties

- Trump International Hotel and Tower, Chicago

- Trump Grande, Sunny Isles, Florida

- Trump Hollywood, Florida

- Trump Towers, Sunny Isles, Florida

- Trump Plaza New Jersey

- The Estates at Trump National, California

- 610 Park Avenue, New York

- Trump Palace, New York

- Trump Parc, New York

- Trump Parc East, New York

- Trump Park Avenue, New York

- Trump Park Residences, Yorktown, New York

- Trump Place, New York

- Trump Plaza, New Rochelle, New York

- Trump Tower at City Center, Westchester, New York

- Trump World Tower, New York

- Trump Parc Stamford, Connecticut

- Trump Towers, Istanbul, Sisli

- Trump World, Seoul, South Korea

- Trump Tower, Century City, Makati, Philippines 

- Trump Tower Mumbai

- Trump Towers Pune

- Trump Tower Punta del Este, Uruguay

Commercial properties

- Trump International Hotel and Tower, New York — headquarters of the Trump Organization, Niketown on ground floor

- The Trump Building at 40 Wall Street

- 1290 Avenue of the Americas, New York

- 555 California Street, San Francisco

- Trump Tower, Rio de Janeiro


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