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11 warm places you can travel to this season without worrying about the Zika virus


Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Warm weather vacations will be extra-risky this year.

Zika has been found in mosquitoes in much of the American hemisphere south of Florida — and the entire Caribbean. That leaves few options for virus-free travels.

Though the Zika virus only seems to be especially dangerous to woman pregnant or about to become pregnant, there is still a chance of bringing the virus back with you and infecting others.

Here are 11 still (relatively) warm places to go this winter where you won't have to worry about the virus.

According to the CDC, these regions have had no confirmed Zika-carrying mosquitoes (yet) so there's no need to stress. After all, isn't travel all about relaxing and not stressing out?

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Average December high: 70 degrees

Bermuda is only semi-tropical, but it's far enough away from the Caribbean out in the middle of the Atlantic to be safe from Zika. It's warm enough to go to the beach on a sunny day, and has all the palm trees you could ask for.

Southern California

San Diego average high in December: 64 degrees

Southern California boasts a mild climate all year, and that includes in the winter months. San Diego and Los Angeles are huge metropolises will plenty to do and warm temps to boot.


Average temperature in December: 63 degrees

Zika hasn't yet reached the Mediterranean — which is good for those who love their famous mild climate. Malta is an island smack in the middle of that sea, warmer than much of the region, with a booming tourist industry.

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