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Here's where you can buy the red sweater that helped one debate questioner become a viral sensation


kenneth bone

Kenneth Bone, an undecided voter who asked a question to the candidates on Sunday's televised second presidential debate, asked a menial question on energy policy.

But no one really remembers exactly what he asked — all they remember is his "earnest delivery, bright sweater, and suggestive yet punchy name" according to Business Insider's Maxwell Tani.

Let's take the sweater for instance. It's a bright red cable knit half-zip sweater, likely sold by a mall store. Polo Ralph Lauren sells one that looks almost identical, save for the pony label. GQ says it thinks it's identified it as this Izod model, though it's sold out on Amazon.

Regardless, the reasons why it stood out should be obvious — a color like that easily catches the eye. It's a brave choice, even braver when you take into account the fact that a larger sweater is needed to cover Bone's frame, intensifying the brightness of the sweater since there's just more of the cotton fabric. In Bone's defence, this wasn't his first choice — he had originally planned to wear an olive suit before a wardrobe malfunction forced a change.

For larger guys, we recommend sticking to more muted colors and patterns so as to not attract as much worldwide attention as Bone did. There's no problem with dressing to attract attention — why else would we put so much effort into it?

But you want to make sure you're attracting attention for the right reasons, and dressing for your body. Because not everyone wants to become a meme.

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